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An extraordinary light spotted over Finland defined as exceptionally large meteor

Thursday, 30 May 2013
A very extra ordinary light that shined over Finland has been defined as an exceptionally large meteor. This comes after hundreds of people in Finland reported a bright light accompanied by a roaring over Finnish skies three weeks ago.

Img: Discovery

Media reports n Finland say that an unusual light and sound phenomenon that was sighted in Finnish skies in early May has been confirmed as a fireball. In other words it is being defined as a very bright meteor. The light was seen on May 8th in parts of southern and central Finland, reports Finnish broadcaster Yle.
The Ursa, a Finnish Astronomical Association with more that 15,000 members estimated on Wednesday that the object was half a metre long and weighed 50 kilos when it entered the earth’s atmosphere.

The meteor is believed to have fallen into a field somewhere in Huittinen, a rural municipality between Tampere and Turku. The remnant that struck the earth probably weighed about five kilos, which is unusually large. One this size usually only hits Finland about once in a decade.
Since 1921, when Ursa was established by a group of young scientists it has been reporting about astronomical activities and development in the galaxy. Team

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