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Women who smoke stand higher the risk of bowel cancer - Norwegian study

Wednesday, 01 May 2013
Women who smoke are at a significantly greater risk of colon cancer than men who smoke, a new large Norwegian study posits.

Colon cancer is another health risk associated with smoking that has been a growing problem in recent years. Just last year, the World Health Organization cancer research institute IARC concluded that there is a link between bowel cancer and smoking.

To add more credence to this study, Norwegian study of more than 600 000 participants, have concluded that that women are hit particularly hard of the illness if they smoke that men. Women are 19 percent more likely than non-smokers to get colon cancer, while smoking men only have an increased risk of eight percent.

One explanation for the difference may be that smoking seems to cause a certain type of colon cancer, which is also more common in women the researcher identified.

Colon cancer has increased dramatically throughout the world over the past 50 years, and smoking may be part of the cause believe Professor Inger Torhild Gram who is one of the research behind the study.

The study is published on the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

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