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What are the factors influencing mosquito bites?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013
Blood type and weight will determine by 20 percent whom in the population attracts the most mosquitoes.
Now, a new research shows that the blood type, weight, and scent determine how popular one gets more mosquitoes than others do. People with blood group zero seem especially vulnerable, writes Swedish media sources.

"If you are tall, recently exercised, have fast metabolism or secrete more acetone or estradiol than the average, you are in the risk group. The risk group that will get the most mosquito bites this summer," writes Swedish free paper Metro.Mosquito bite

The reports hold that it's not ones fault, and it's not ones blood that tastes better than others, but the mystery as to what makes some people attract more mosquitoes than others lies in their biology which is independently unique. On average, 20 percent of humanity are more exposed to mosquitoes, according to research from the University of Florida, writes Metro.
These 20 percent have the ability to breathe out more carbon dioxide, which is something that is appreciated by the blood-sucking insect. It is not clear if this research relates to the tropical region where mosquitoes are abundant or just Europeans who travel to tropical regions in the summer.

One reason for the counter argument is that in the tropical region more people irrespective of blood types, size, health etc., have some sort of malaria caused by mosquito bites. It should be noted that Malaria could also be triggered by other environmental forced in the tropical areas but mosquitoes have been found to be the leading provider of malaria.
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