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The Nobel Prize for Physics award was an hour late due to internal brawl

Wednesday, 09 October 2013
There was a clash and altercation between the members of the awarding committee yesterday as they were about to announce the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics. Some members where advocating for the award to be given to an institution instead of a theorist.

According to the radio Sweden's science channel, "Vetensk& Miljö", the award was delayed for up to one hour because before the vote, several members questioned why no part of the award was to go to the two laboratories that had tested Higgs particle.One of the machines at CERN, the center where the Higgs particle is confirmed./ Swedish television

One of them was Mr Anders Bárány who wanted that more than just the theorist Peter Higgs and Francois Englert should be rewarded the prize.

Previously, it was suspected that  the delay in the award was that the Nobel Committee could not managed to get hold of one of the winners, Peter Higgs and François Englert, but the science radio claim that it received confirmation yesterday that the delay was due to some heated debates at the Royal Academy of Science about who should receive the award.

Before the vote, several members wondered why no part of the prize went to those who carried out the experiments at CERN during the last year periods when the  Higgs theory  was being put to test.

Radio Sweden reports that a  member of the Academy of Sciences, Anders Bárány confirmed that several members wanted to get more than theorists.
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