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The future of Swedish education quality compromised due to teachers shortages

Friday, 13 July 2012
Concerns about the quality of education in Sweden increases as the number of vacant teaching positions in Sweden also increases.

According to reports from the Swedish teacher's union, teachers are becoming fewer and they describe the situation as getting even worse.

"I see the situation as very serious. We face a national teacher crisis. We see many vacancies, and we see few applicants to teacher education programs, so the situation is serious," says Ann-Charlotte Eriksson, Senior Vice President of the Teachers Union to Swedish television

There are now nearly 30,000 vacant teaching posts in Sweden, an increase of three percent as compared to last year. There are counties where the increase is much greater. for instance In Västmanland County, the increase is 33 percent, in Södermanland County, the increase is 16 percent and in the Stockholm county, ten percent.

The shortage of teachers is due to retirements where older teacher are leaving the profession. Another but serious reason is that many are loosing interest in teacher education programs where moral to take up the profession has been described as extremely low.

Then, there are also many who are just tired of the teaching profession - its demands, criticism and increasing requirements for the job. Today, more teachers leave the profession for careers in other fields.

The Teachers Union is now worried that students would not get the education they are entitled.
"We can no longer collaterally guarantee the quality of education for pupils. Students have a right to a quality school and we can no longer cope," says Ann-Charlotte Eriksson.
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