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Swedish urged top foreign universities to set up shop in Sweden

Friday, 04 October 2013
Officials from some Swedish business leaning organisations are calling for improvements in rules so that more and more of the best universities in the world could open branches in Sweden just as they are doing in other countries.
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Mary Rankka, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Tobias Krantz, director of education at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, write in a debate article on the Swedish daily, the Dagens Nyheter  calling for the government to simplify the Swedish regulations so that it would  invite foreign universities to utilize the already established contacts, so Sweden can continue to be a leading research nation.

Higher education and world-class research is crucial for Sweden if it wants to be an attractive country for business, jobs and prosperity in the future. The demands of the global economy is becoming tougher. The opening of the Swedish Schools to new influences, for change, for new players is essential to sharpen their quality and competitiveness, their write up hold.
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