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Swedish teachers are the lowest paid comparatively in Europe

Monday, 02 July 2012
The pay received by Swedish teachers is lagging behind compared to other countries, a new report has said.

Swedish teachers’ salaries lag behind comparative countries such as Germany, an analysis based on the OECD data show. With the same work level as with Germany, a Swedish primary school teachers needs to earn Skr17 000 more a month, according to Swedish Teachers' Association.

For high school teacher Swedish needs more to the tone of Skr23 000 per month, based on the German wage level.

The union of teacher presented their finding using pay data from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in which 25 European countries including Swedish statistics. A comparison was made to determine the welfare of Swedish teachers and it show how poor they are comparatively.

When salaries for Swedish teachers in primary and secondary schools were analysed and compared with teachers in other countries - Germany, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Portugal for the period of ten to fifteen years in the profession, Swedish teachers ended up clearly behind.

The German wage level, which is highest, would give a Swedish high school teacher with fifteen years of experience Skr53 300 per month, against the actual salary of Skr29 900 - a difference of Skr23 400 a month.

Salaries in Denmark gives the differences of between Skr14 000 and Skr19 000 after ten years in the profession, the largest difference from Norway would be Skr6000 more a month for a high school teacher with fifteen years in the profession.

Next to a Swedish wage is Portugal, where the difference with Sweden varies between Skr1 200 and Skr4900 more a month.

It was not determined if the low comparative salaries is responsible to the weakening performances of Swedish schools.
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