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Swedish researchers failing to benefit from important research collaborations in the emerging economies

Monday, 28 January 2013
Swedish researchers are failing to cooperate with strong and emerging vital research countries such as South Korea and Singapore.
In the past years, these countries have leap - froged to become strong forces in various areas of research which Sweden though that they had an edge. This has bemused Sweden such that today, universities, researchers, and politicians are trying to seek means of developing working relations with those countries.

According to Lennart Stenberg, who authored the report, speaking to radio Sweden he said that he believes one reason why the Swedish research failed to collaborate with strong and emerging important parts of the world has to do with much emphasis in ten past years on European research collaborations.

"The fact that there have been as good possibilities to get money for collaborations in Europe, it has worked to the disadvantage of developing cooperation with other parts of the world, I think that is absolutely inevitable. Absolutely nothing bad to say about co-operation in Europe, we must be firmly on the map of Europe, if we are able to work globally, but I think it is time now to expand the field of in vision," he said to radio Sweden.

International collaboration is now a necessity for researchers, according to Lennart Stenberg - the only way to keep up in the research front is to have direct collaboration with colleagues in other parts of the world - to share results with each other, write articles together. Moreover, the research front is increasingly in the Asian countries.

South Korea is a country of great important with technology companies such as Samsung and Hyundai - where technology research has taken giant strides in recent years. However, it is rare for Swedish researchers publishing articles along with South Koreans.
Few Swedes also have jointly published  with researchers in Singapore, a country that, despite its small size, is evolving into what Lennart Stenberg call a node in a global knowledge system: The country has dome much to establish contacts with key research institutions abroad and recruit outstanding researchers from abroad, according to radio Sweden.
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