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Sweden leads the glob as the best place to grow old

Tuesday, 01 October 2013
Sweden is the best place to live as an old person on the face of the earth in a new classification carried out by Help age international. The news brought cheers to Sweden, especially as it beat it competitive Nordic rival Norway to second place.

The other Nordic countries  such as Finland failed to make it to the top ten and Denmark was no where to be seen in the classification something that Denmark will hate very seriously.Elderly

Based on 13 parameters, grouped into four main groups, the data from some ninety countries assessed the extent to which health, finances, and work make older people live a better and quality life.

Sweden tops the list but hold no single position by itself so the high result came due to aggregates.

For the Nordic countries Finland is 15th on the list, while Sweden topped the rankings and Norway came in second. Iceland made it to ninth place, while Denmark got the lowest ranking of the Nordics, coming in 17th.

Finland is worried that countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom are placed above it.

That environments were found to be better for older people in these countries, with more 'enabling environments' as indicated by high measures in social connections with relatives and friends, safety, and access to public transport.

Ranking 91 countries, the Global AgeWatch Index is the first comparative overview of the wellbeing of older people around the world. It was carried out by HelpAge International, an organization looking out for older people.

In a related development, radio Sweden reports that the UN Population Fund has also ranked Sweden as the best country to grow old, referring to news agency AP.
The study also shows that by 2050, for the first time, the number of older people over 60 years will be greater than the number of young people under 15.
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