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Sweden has a mammoth task to create 400,000 new jobs if it has remain viable - worker's Union

Tuesday, 02 July 2013
Sweden needs to create at least 400,000 new jobs within the coming 10 years if it wants to attempt to keep its welfare state running.

The workers Union TCO in a new reports, suggests that Sweden must create at least 400,000 jobs in the next 10 years in order to cope with the welfare state. The reports also suggest that more than 100,000 of the new jobs should come from the public sector.
The calculations suggests that Sweden would have to create around 400,000 jobs in the next ten years to reach 80 percent employment rate in the working population which is also increasing. 100,000 of those have to come from the public sector according to the workers union, TCO which commissioned the Swedish statistic office, Statistics Sweden (SCB) to compile that jobs market expectations for the future.

The need for the increased job creation is not just about getting more people into work to reduce unemployment, but also about giving the older people who want to and are willing and able to work get access to the job market. With people expected to retire later in life and with increased young people entering the jobs market, TCO feels that the middle sector the jobs market is bulging and needs to be stretched to both the top and the bottom.

Thus, SCB on the behalf of TCO also calculated how the sectors of the economy would be affected by developments of the changing labour market in the future. The sectors to be most affected by changes in population, education, health and social care.

The calculations assume that the average staffing levels in 2009-2011 during the forecast period could be kept. By the year 2020 there will be the need to increased recruitment by 10 percent or 110,000 within the healthcare, education and social care sectors.

"We will present several proposals to Sweden to meet this great challenge," says Eva Nordmark of TCO, and continue, "it is all that we need an updated job policies that will sustain and create demand in the economy as more jobs are created." 

TCO is known as "The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees" and is made-up of 15 affiliated trade unions. It boast of 1.2 million members coming from these unions and are described as professional and qualified employees who share a major responsibility for important functions in society, although in a wide variety of occupations.
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