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Social Democrats education reforms will hinge around cutting study course time

Monday, 12 August 2013
The Swedish opposition party, the Social democrats have not yet started measuring drapes but feel that they'll do so soon. In on of their early warning shots, the would love to reform the education system by reducing the course length.
Stefan lofven
Image/Stefan Löfven during the Summer retreat in Visby
According to reports out Monday, the party leader, Stefan Löfven said that the  Social Democrats want to take a step towards a system of three semesters in colleges and universities.

Part of the reason is that students will be able to choose to study common courses in less time than is current.
In the autumn budget motion to be presented by the opposition, a resolution to the country's educational institutions are assigned to greatly expand the number of relevant summer courses. The aim is to enable students to complete their education in less time and enter the labour market earlier. Skr30 million will be allocated for this.
The announcement came from the party leader Stefan Löfven when he gave a talk on Social Democrats Youths Union (SSU) when they held their congress in Täby.

"You have a very good reform policies proposal in education, so we've stolen this already for the autumn budget motion, "said Stefan Löfven.
Under the proposal, students may choose to read the most common degree programs in less time. A three-year program would be read for 2.5 years and a five-year education in four years. Summer programs should be voluntary.

The proposal is to solve several problems. One is to shorten the training time and get the students to come out faster into the labour market. Another is that students gain a secure livelihood in the summer through the use of their student loan support, and a third problem solved is that students do not crowd out other young people through searching summer jobs.
Great proposal? Wait and see what the other side thinks about. Expect fireworks from the governing side as election count down nears.
by Team

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