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Sharp fall in foreign students interested in studying in Sweden

Wednesday, 23 May 2012
International student interest in Swedish higher education has decreased dramatically among since tuition fees were introduced for all non-EU students.

An analysis from the Swedish National Agency of Education  shows that the overseas students who independently made their way to Sweden was almost 80 percent fewer in the autumn of 2011, compared to fall 2010 - before the tax reform.
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By far the biggest drop has been from China, other Asian countries and from African countries, according to the analysis.

Bedsides the very high tuition fees, international students face problems in Sweden relating to excessive high cost of living, low relations with industries and now access to jobs or work raining in association with their studies. Students also face cold reception from Swedish people which means that international student have very low cultural learning from the Swedish society apart from interaction with Swedish students in school. Swedish students also tend to be more tribal and tie to themselves.

At first international student could manage the high cost of living and free tuition by forming their own cluster against the Swedes and share experience – international student getting more international in Sweden while Swedes remain more local in the midst of international students.
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