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Sexual desire increases with increased temperature

Friday, 12 July 2013
What the bright weather does to improve libido and sexual desire is not a new issue but a Danish author has thrown some more new insight into the role played by improved sunny wither to sexual life in the dark Nordic region.

Danish radio and television identified that a combination of chemistry and culture makes us more flirtatious, current and willing more than before to fell in love when the sun shines. As soon as the first rays of the sun peeps out at home, our smile also get brighter and love fills the air. We catch the sight of each other - and become more flirtatious.

A practical example of this is seen during summer festivals how people go crazy on holiday festival or Summer School. The reason is that human beings have a strong need for oases where we can lay everyday life behind them and meet new sides of themselves.

"It's almost like falling in love, because you will find pages forward of yourself that you have saved or forgotten. You become more fun, free, delicious, aggressive, open, and accessible - and it makes the opposite sex to obviously noticed," says psychotherapist Terje Nordberg to Danish television.

She continued that as a result, the juices and our sex drive increases so dramatically in the summer, is "consistent with our Nordic temperament, believes the therapist."

"The body and senses are shut down during the large parts of the year at home, sex is not as fun during the time in which we are wrapped up in hat and mittens. In return, we jump out when spring comes," says Terje Nordberg.

He believes that it is not that we are more amazing in the summer:

"We are easily tempted. We feel free, relaxed and are becomes a little happier with ourselves - and each other. But winter hides well too many secrets," he says.

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