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Return of the men to Swedish primary school classrooms

Thursday, 25 July 2013
The tide seems to be changing in the Swedish educational environment as men start coming back to the primary school classrooms.
teachers in  swedish class
This is because a record number of men have applied to the Malmö University's preschool education program, an educational sector that has for many years normally dominated by women. For the fall admission 191 men of the 1640 men who applied, have bee admitted  making it twice as many as usual.

It is an open secret that the educational sectors of the primary teaching is being dominated by women. In Sweden in the years, it has been argued that as more women started getting into the profession, men gradually migrated to the upper sectors of the academic ladder or into the secondary and higher school sectors.

No specific reason has been attributed to this gradual change in the men's interest into the primary school teaching. Hoever,  observers believe that it could be because the sectors has been crying out for male teachers for a while now or, that due to increased unemployment men have decided to throw away their stigma aside and to venture into what has been seen in many years as a female dominated profession.
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