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Post natal depression also rife in father, a new Swedish study show

Tuesday, 08 October 2013
It had concentrated on the mothers since she carried the foetus, give birth and later breast feed the baby but a new study is also linking fathers to post natal depression.

According to the study from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, as many as 15 percent of expectant fathers in Sweden may have had symptoms of depression, reports radio Sweden.Father

In Sweden, there are procedures for capturing new mothers who may be depressed, but such a routine is not there for the fathers.

The study commissioned by the Stockholm County  and carried out by Karolinska Institute which is just about to finish, involved 3,600 men with children who answered survey questions. It turns out that 15 percent of fathers have depressive symptoms.

If that figure is replicated to the fathers all over the country, it would mean that as many fathers as mothers, that is about 15, 000 each year, suffer from depressive symptoms when they have children.

Magdalena Carlberg, who led the study, was surprised at the results and told radio Sweden: "we had not thought that we would find so many. We might have guessed a few percent. With both mothers and fathers with depressive symptoms, it  can cause the relationship with the child, the interaction with the child, as well as the family,  relationship to deteriorate."
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