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Numerous unreported viral diseases spreading in Sweden - watch out

Saturday, 07 September 2013
There is a reported outbreak of a viral disease in Sweden known as the Ockelbo disease. It is a known viral disease, spread by mosquitoes but the nature in which it is occurring this year makes it worrying.

Already it is reported that 100s of people could have been hit around the Västerbotten County area where the rare viral disease known as the Ockelbo disease has been identified spreading among residence in the area.

19 cases have been reported  and have been confirmed within the Västerbotten area and it I said that the disease this year has been found much further north of the country than normal.

mosquito bite
"What we're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, we estimate that for every diagnosed case there are hundreds of undiagnosed," said Clas Ahlm, professor of infectious diseases to Swedish television.

Scientists have no clear answer to what causes the disease, which causes severe joint pain, rash and fever. Birds and mosquitoes are said to be the disease carriers but Clas Ahlm think that this years is characterised by a major contamination because even unusually a good number of birds are infected. Similar patterns have also been observed across the border in Finland

Of the approximately 50 samples analyzed at the Norrlands  University Hospital, so far 19 cases have been identified.

Consolingly, Chief medical officer, Urban Kumlin of the Swedish disease control says that the viruses are not life threatening but the victims may have serious health problems. The infection is spread through mosquito bites and people picking berries in the woods or on elk are at risk.

Therefore, the strongest advice is to avoid mosquito bits. Cloths and repellents are advised to be used as aid to keep the blood sucking parasites away.
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