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Mysterious super resistant bacteria found in the Swedish city Helsingborg

Saturday, 17 August 2013
A multi-resistant mutant bacterium has surfaced in Sweden in Sweden challenging medic and warning people to be cautious as the go about in the country.

The bacteria has previously been found only in person treated abroad but it had now, appeared in Helsingborg on persons who have not been outside Sweden.

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Swedish media sources reports citing the daily, Helsingborgs Dagblad, explaining that the bacterium has been found in a man treated for blood poisoning at Helsingborg Hospital. The bacterium is resistant to several types of antibiotics, making it serious and deadly if spread.

"It is disturbing to find it at places where you certainly would not expect," says Eva Gustafsson at the Swedish Infectious Diseases centre in Skåne to the newspaper.

No one can explain how the patients came to be hosts of the bacterium, but he has been kept on an isolated accommodation along with other persons with the same bacteria.

Around 100 people in the hospital and the isolated accommodation have been tested positive for the bacteria but it had been hard to find the source of mutant resistant bacteria.

Some suggestions of sources could be from goods, or food items imported or chemicals from water treatment, cleaning chemicals, cars, ships etc., come from and /or various biological components. 
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