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About Stroke

A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

stroke and the brian
Strokes are a medical emergency and prompt treatment is essential because the sooner a person receives treatment for a stroke, the less damage is likely to happen.
Four out of five people who suffer a stroke are over 65.

Source: NHS UK

Increasing number of younger people in Sweden die of stroke

Tuesday, 23 July 2013
The stroke illness, which was once thought to be an illness of the old, is now turning its tide in Sweden. Increasingly, year after year, more younger people in Sweden dies of  stroke.
A new research from the University of Gothenburg shows after a review of 400,000 cases since the late 1980s show the changes in the pattern of the illness. This means that the news is good for the elderly, where stroke cases have declined significantly since the late nineties, but for the younger generation, the situation is getting worse.

Young people in Sweden

Youths lifestyle could be contributing to increased stroke / Img: Scancomark

Among people aged 18-44 years, stroke cases increased by 1.5 percent per year. In pure numbers, it is about 300 more cases per year in the age group. The causes are not yet fully identified, but scientists still know where to find the answers.
"It is very likely that it has to do with our lifestyle. If you start smoking at a young age and do not exercise and become overweight, so it is not particularly healthy," says Annika Rosengren, professor and chief physician at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, and one of the researchers behind the study.

Even better technology, better detection of stroke, may have contributed to the increase as those affected are quickly identified.
The worries now is that if the younger generation start having problems just as they get older, it's disturbing, according to Professor Annika Rosengren. "But it is important to point out the good news of our study, the total number of stroke cases are declining on the whole," says Annika Rosengren.
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