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Increased breast cancer cases in Sweden 

Monday, 24 June 2013
There has been a surprise in crease in breast cancer cases in Sweden in recent years - up by 20 percent in five years.
Annually more than 8,000 women are diagnosed for the disease. This figure is increasing every year, writes Swedish daily, Sydsvenskan.
"Unfortunately, there is no doubt that more are getting ill. We must take to heart and do something about," says Signe Borgquist, associate professor of oncology at Lund University, to the Swedish daily, Sydsvenskan.
"The age when we get our first child is of great importance. The breasts are not considered fully developed until after the pregnancy. Until then, breast tissue is more sensitive to external factors that could initiate a cancer," says Signe Borgquist.
One reason attributed to this is a growing aging population. Another is the general increase in the Swedish population driven more by immigration with some coming here with the illness already in their systems.
Extended mammography and changes in lifestyle could be other factors.
There are several types of breast cancer, and they can occur at different locations in the breast. Most people begin to grow anywhere in the glandular tissue. The tumors can grow slowly or quickly, and about three-quarters of them are sensitive to female hormones.
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