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Improved physical activities at child hood reduced the risk for anxiety – Swedish study show

Thursday, 14 June 2012
Poor fitness in adolescence doubles the risk of a severe depression in later life, a new Swedish study on young people show adding that the effect last up to 40 years.

Researchers identify that physical activity stimulates the brain, according to Mary Atkins, who led the study with researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy and Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

The ground force for the sturdy has to do with test results, in conjunction with the previously compulsory enlistment for military service, have been matched with national disease registry. The results show that to be in poor condition as a young increase the risk of depression and older one get the stronger the feeling.

The study included more than 1.1 million mentally healthy men which was justified that “What we are looking at is the condition before one even have any signs of depression,” says Dr Aberg.

The effect of lack of exercise can last for up to 40 years later. “I was surprised that the risk increase is so long,” says researcher to Swedish news agency, TT on the study, published in the latest issue of British Journal of Psychiatry.
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