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How urbanisation increases allergies - research

Tuesday, 08 May 2012
A new research in Finland shows that growing up in the country can reduce the risk of allergies.
Finnish news agency, Yle report that a study by the Biosciences Department at the University of Helsinki shows that young people who have grown up in rural areas have less allergies than those who grew up in the cities. This means that urbanisation has the tendency of increasing allergies in youths.

According to the study, bacteria from soils and plants on the human skin help to reduce the risk of developing allergies and asthma. Helsinki University ecology professor Ilkka Hanski says these immunity-boosting bacteria prevent the development of both allergies and asthma.

Already, it is known that children’s resistance to allergy will deteriorate if they live areas that are too clean. The believe is that their immune systems are not properly challenged as such they when a disease attach, the immune systems is weak and can not challenge.
In the study, 118 schoolchildren were randomly selected in eastern Finland and tested, reports Yle.
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