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EU economic crisis attracts students to Sweden

Sunday, 04 November 2012
The Euro economic crisis seems to be doing well to attract EU students to Sweden according to latest reports.

Media reports here hold that the economic crisis in Europe has made it that Sweden has become an attractive place for students from the Euro countries to pursue their study pursuit. It has become increasingly common for students from other European countries to come to Sweden.
In four years, the number of Greek, Italian and Spanish students at Swedish universities increased by 74 percent, according to radio Sweden.
Lennart Ståhle, chief of staff of the National Agency of higher education, Högskoleverket, believes it will also become more common for students staying after graduation than it was before, because of the economic situation in their home countries.

He also believes that Sweden's attractiveness came for some other reasons - Swedish Universities have solid reputation and closer relations between teachers and students.

However, the Swedish jobs market is tight at this moment especially for students who study subjects outside engineering, medicine, and mostly science related.
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