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Drug addicts warned of anthrax in heroin - they either stop their addition or risk stoned for life

Monday, 09 July 2012
Drug consumer and addicts are cautioned of contaminated heroine that could leave their consumers stoned for life with anthrax. The alarm cane after a 55-year-old man dies in Copenhagen of anthrax infection that probably came from contaminated heroin.

The brown heroin portion that the Danish consumed is reported to have contained  components of infected or probably a mixed with bone power containing anthrax bacteria.
In the needle exchange program in Malmö, users now receive verbal information about the risks involved. They are also encouraged to use a special filter or to shift to smoke heroin rather so as to decrease the risk of infection. So far, no bacteria has been  found in the heroin current consumed around the major shooting alleys.

Not long ago, anthrax was found among drug users in Berlin and Regensburg, Germany .
"We have followed the situation since there were three cases in Germany. We have not done something very special but follow this until it becomes a case in Sweden, then it becomes a totally different situation," says Sofie Ivarsson, epidemolog at the National Institute of Communicable Diseases.

The infection is not spreading between people, so it's only heroin addicts who need to be worried about being infected.

2010, at least 25 heroin addicts were infected with anthrax in Scotland. Three heroin addicts in Malmo died shortly afterwards, but it turned out that they were not infected.
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