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Drives for religious education to be quarantined in Finnish schools

Monday, 25 June 2012
Religion Hours in primary schools in Finland are poised to be can be reduced after 2016, a report in Finnish media hold. The lower number of religion classes are part of the new distribution of lesson hours in basic education.
In the same vain many student teachers believe that school religious education could be dropped all together.  Of the nearly 40 student teachers who responded to a survey by the Finnish broadcaster, Yle, most emphasize religious instruction to be quarantined.
Student teachers hope instead for more interactive teaching that reinforces social skills as well as many teacher candidates also want to blur the boundaries between different disciplines and increasingly build education on current topics.

Media reports hold that religious education would be reduced by 1-2 hours per week per term. Today it has 11 hours per week per term for religion or ethics in elementary school.

By contrast, physical education, history and civics should have more hours per week an academic year.

The government is working a review of the new distribution of lesson hours scheduled to be treated by Thursday.
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