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After criticisms from the leader of the Social Democrat, Stefan Löfven,the director general of the Swedish Employment Service, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist, forced to leave

Sunday, 25 August 2013
The leader of the Social democrats had hit hard on the government for being quite despite heavy loose of confidence in the leadership and the job of the director general of the Swedish employment service,  Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist. After an emergency meeting on Sunday morning, she had been pressured to resign by the Minister of Labour Minister Hillevi Engström

"Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist quits her role as manager with immediate effect," said Hillevi Engström at the press conference on Sunday morning.

A new acting Director General becomes Clas Olsson, who until now served as Deputy Director General.
Employment Minister Hillevi Engström has previously declined to comment on the turmoil surrounding the Employment Service's General Manager, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist but today came the announcement that she will resign.
Hillevi-Engstrom - Swedish emploment minister
Engström would not want to go into the circumstances which led to Bermudez-Svankvist to be forced out of office but she said: "We have made an overall assessment of the situation and the current situation is unsustainable." But also pointed out that recent revelations had made her operations and management hard.
"I want to emphasize that this is not about phone bills," says Hillevi Engström (pictured above), who argues that the decision is based on a "comprehensive assessment."

This comes after reports by the tabloid  paper, Aftonbladet recently held that they had seen documents which suggested that Bermudez-Svankvist had racked up Skr300,000 in mobile phone data use charges on her work phone.
As Swedish unemployment continue to remain high and having a job in Sweden looking more like a privilege rather that a right, the Swedish employment service which supposed to assisting both jobs seekers and companies linked up to arrange work programs has been determined by many as failed.

As such the director general, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist, lost confidence from the board of directors of the organisation and it was expected that the government would dismiss her. But the government failed until today and that has not gone out well with the media and now the Social Democrats.

The party leader, Stefan Löfven, either driven by political reasons or for his concern about the large number of unemployed in the country on one side, and the inefficiency of a public institution on the other has gone on the attack accusing the government is "sneaking away."

The board of directors of the Swedish Employment Service declared on Friday that it no longer had any confidence in Bermudez-Svankvist, who had received harsh criticism from trade unions, employees, and managers at the agency.

But the government - which owns the control over Bermudez-Svankvist (pictured above) decided not to replace her immediately with someone who would motivate the organisation to improve on the working of the Swedish job market.

One of several reasons why the board lost confidence in Bermudez-Svankvist is criticism of external companies that the employment services hired to help the unemployed find work. It emerged that these companies had no competence in giving job market trainings to the unemployed and made job seekers to engage in more or less meaningless activities.

Swedish television, one of the state owned organisations that keeps on puncturing the state itself, carried out a study, which showed that one company that was commissioned to train job seekers on job seeking techniques and which had been criticised  and which employment service had said it had terminated their contract,  emerged to been given more contracts.
This company had no clue as to helping people into the job market and could not justify why they were receiving the huge funding for doing nothing.

According to Swedish television the employment services has signed 45 new contracts with the company in 35 locations.
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