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A new research usher in a very cheap and easy technique to find sleeping sickness - Cheap and Easy

Monday, 07 October 2013
A new research is ushering in a new technology that will make it cheaper and easier to early identify those affected by deadly diseases such as malaria, and sleeping sickness.
The research, which is an international project led by Lund University, reports radio Sweden is poised to have a positive impact on tropical areas ravaged by these typos of diseases and which have limited technical and scientifically knowhow.
 mosquitoMosquito bite leads to Malaria and Sleeping illness / Granscole
"These devices are very simple and it means that one can do a very quick blood test. At the same time, they are very cheap and it means that one can have a broad testing of very many patients who might not have been tested with conventional methods," says Jonas Tegenfeldt, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund to radio Sweden.

He shows the prototype, which is not much bigger than a matchbox. The small chip is composed of silicone tubing, where the channels inside is as thin as a human hair with built obstacles.

A drop of blood is introduced into one end under a certain pressure, it is very simply divided up the blood, and sleeping sickness or malaria parasite gets into a part of the small chip where it can be easily identified.

Every year, over 50,000 people in Africa die from sleeping sickness and an early and accurate diagnosis can be crucial.

For health care in Africa and elsewhere where tropical diseases are rife this means  that the techniques can be done far away from expensive hospital laboratory  and immediate results quickly assessed .

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