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Lesson to be learnt when a monopoly selling "basic good" goes down as Systembolaget made Swedish alcohol consumers very angry

Thursday, 17 May 2012
Swedish alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget cause a stir yesterday when Several hundred Liquor Stores suffered a computer breakdown at 16:30 o'clock on Wednesday. When many lined up to make their weekend's purchases a dozen stores had already closed. People were not happy making some observers to feel that alcohol looks like a basic good being supplied by a monopoly.

75 percent of the monopoly's nearly 420 stores were affected by major problems when checkout appliances were knocked out cold by possible computer malfunction between 16.30 and 17.00 on Wednesday. Three stores were put knocked down cold completely: in Ronneby, Sigtuna and Överkalix.

It is reported that the problems was caused by a system update, which in most cases would be done at night. For yes unknown reasons it was done this time just before closing time, which resulted in the several hundred store being closed down and many people getting annoyed.

Systembolaget, however quickly correcting the error when a group email to all the shops gave instructions on how the situation would be handled and at 17 hours it began to re-sale.

This is the problem when a monopoly handles basic good such as alcohol sales.
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