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New information that has throw hot water on the dodgy nature TeliaSonera's business in Uzbekistan - A culture of bribery and corruption

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New information on TeliaSonera's controversial business in Uzbekistan has emerged in which various Swedish media sources are reporting that the company negotiated as recently as last August with Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the country's dictator for exclusive business access.
TeliaSonera's business with the former Soviet state of Uzbekistan has hit the company hard and as investigation continues about the nature of how TeliaSonera approached its business in the country based on the company's ethical requirement, more information is emerging as to the extent of corruption the company was involved in.
CEO Lars Nyberg and Chairman Anders Narvinger were forced to leave their posts earlier this year after an investigation was not able to rule out that the offence of corruption and bribery was involved when the company was purchasing a mobile licenses in Uzbekistan.

Known then was about transactions made in 2007 and 2010. But according to Gulnara Karimova's personal documents in which the Swedish television's investigative program, Uppdrag granskning saw, it shows that negotiations were carried out as recently as August 2012 about business deals preferences for the company in Uzbekistan.
Image from Swedish Television >>>
According to the documents, the negotiations were carried out was to enable TeliaSonera to have more access to telephone subscribers as well as that TeliaSonera would be paying millions for the new subscribers. It will enter into sponsorship agreements and pay bribes in order to avoid problems with the authorities in the country.

TeliaSonera's acting CEO Per-Arne Blomquist says that the company is not negotiating with the dictator's daughter. "In my world, we have never negotiated with Karimova."

The message from TeliaSonera's new management at the AGM in April was that the controversial Uzbekistan affair was a one-off issue. CEO Lars Nyberg had been forced to resign and the company signalled a fresh start.

But Swedish television says the uncovered a documents dated 2012 indicates that TeliaSonera's suspicious business with Uzbekistan was anything but a one-time event but rather a widespread corruption culture deeply embedded in the company's management system.

Already known is that company's with Uzbekistan which was carried out such that more that Skr2 billion were paid to a company that was directly related to the dictator's daughter, Gulnara Karimova.
But this particular that has recently emerged  is a document that seems to come directly from Gulnaras desk, which looks like an internal financial reconciliation with her own handwritten notes.

TeliaSonera will pay Gulnara Karimova equivalent of Skr35 million for subscribers TeliaSonera received, after the regime shut down competing telecom companies.
It also appears that TeliaSonera will pay for Gulnaras cultural activities such as concerts to be performed by international artists with "sponsorship." Three times a year the company will give money to three different organizations, which Gulnara chooses.
The program with the new information will transmitted on Swedish television at 20 hours on Wednesday night.
By Scancomark.com Team

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