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As Brazil and the US entre a stress zone caused by the ears dropping issue, Sweden's Saab is holding its breath over the sale of Gripen

Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Swedish Defence group, Saab 's hopes of selling the Gripen fighter jets to Brazil in increasing as Brazil enters into a stress zone with the USA after it emerged recently that the USA could have been taping information for that country.
The American Authority NSA's eavesdropping has created an angry criticism from the Brazil against the U.S. and impaired the ability of rival fighter jets F-18, manufactured by the Boeing-owned McDonnell Douglas to retain the level favourites by the Brazilians to buy, various Swedish media sources are saying.
Saab Gripen
Saab Gripen - image Saab
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff cancelled her planned state visit to the United States in October, after it emerged that the NSA wiretapped her phone and read her emails. The anger has hardly diminished when the Brazilian TV and Globo media site reported that the United States also spied on Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company.

People in Saab's management stated that the events or the growing rift between the two countries strengthens Gripen's position. Next year is the presidential election in Brazil, which increases political uncertainty.

Likely, it would remain to see if quality and competitiveness of products would play a leading role over political posturing. Should Saab Gripen be favour just because it has a more superior quality and is also price competitive or the political stance of the countries would lead the choice, remain to be seen.

Today Swiss MPs will vote to determine whether to purchase Swedish fighter aircraft Gripen. The large chamber, National Council, is expected to say yes to buy 22 aircraft for the some Skr23 billion, but that does not mean that the deal is done with.
The Swedish government has to be confident and sure that Saab had the deal.
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