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Who was behind the IT collapse that brought down Swedish rail operations on Thursday?

Sunday, 22 September 2013
We reported last Thursday on a cyber attack that brought the Swedish rail company, SJ, to a stand still. It emerged that a group of 16 years old Swedish kids have claimed responsibility for the attack.

As solutions were being sought after SJ was knocked of line, to join a growing list of Swedish companies being attacked by cyber pirates,  the question that emerged was who did the damage, who where behind the cyber attack. Swedish 16 years old kids have been reported as being behind the attack. If that is confirmed it would lead to serious questions being asked about Swedish companies and their strategies when it comes to their operations on the cyber web, particularly pertaining to their internet security.

According to various Swedish media reports, the teens admitted to the attacks through their website on Friday, Sweden's TV channel, TV4 news said. According To IT, experts, the hacks, have the identified as a model that resembles DDOS attacks, which is said to be a way of loading a server to a website with lots of requests as such overwhelming the site forcing it to collapse or black out.

This is the way the website of the train operators SJ, as well as those of south Swedish public transit operator, Skånetrafiken, Region Skåne, and Sweden's alcohol retail monopoly, Systembolaget went down.

It is not clear, according to the police, if the claims made by the kids were credible and it is not very clear what their motives are.

"Right now we're putting a lot of resources into this so we can get to the bottom of it quickly," a police spokesmen from Skånepolice, Lars Förstell, told Swedish TV channel, TV4, adding that "It's serious criminal activity to go after societal functions such as Region Skåne, so we are working intensively on this."

Sweden has in recent months seen a variety of cyber attacks on its online businesses and various reasons have been speculated as to why.
by Scancomark.com Team

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