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Troubles in the Kamprad-Ikea family as monetary issues pit father and sons

Thursday, 19 September 2013
It is being reported in Swedish press sources that there has been a serious family feud within the family of the founder of Ikea, the Kamprad family where  the father Ingvar Kamprad had to take on his three sons in a legal suit. He was forced through that suit to relinquish billions to the sons, a new book coming out soon reveals.

According to the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, billion of krona has been forced out of the Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad by his sons who hired American star lawyers to force his father to give in the money.

Ingvar KampradIn the forthcoming book, "Ikea on the way to the future," it is written that when Ingvar Kamprad "gave away" Ikea to a Dutch foundation in 1982, he retained a so-called intellectual property rights to the brand, resulting to increased earnings and compensation based on Ikea turnover.

All was moving well according to the book and just a few hundreds of thousand was being generated but over time, the income stream grew to some Skr20 and Skr30 billion.

In legal sense, according to reports however, that belonged to the sons, something Kamprad did not understand why. After all, he is the one who created IKEA and is the one who passed the realm of the empire to his sons.

Nevertheless, the sons thought that there was something in the whole setup that was not right and that legally their father was likely not supposed to make all that money just by earning it from the brand name. So it led to a bitter behind the scene legal battle between the sons and their father.

The consequence was that the father, Ingvar Kamprad lost the battle and become really depressed.

No one in the family was in a position to answer the authors' questions. One of the authors of the book is said to be Lennart Dahlgren, former head of IKEA in Russia.
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