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Swedish worker’s union, IF Metal writes to Obama about Saab

Monday, 14 May 2012
Swedish worker union in mostly the manufacturing sector, IF metal has written to the US president, Obama, pleading with him to pressure General Motors (GM) to release the technology licence for Saab.

According to news reports in Swedish media, a letter has been sent to the U.S. President Barack Obama in which the IF Metall of North Älvsborg seek his help so that Saab Automobile can restart. This also has to do with people’s lives and jobs the psychological part of the letter holds.

Thus has to do with seeking General Motors to give release the technology licenses it has held which has prevented the sale of Saab's bankruptcy content.
"We hope that you will feel that Saab is worth to be saved. We, more than 4500 auto workers in Sweden, are looking forward to your reply," are some of the words in the letter.

When GM was in trouble in 2009 the U.S. government became the owner of the company as such it is held that the government still have a say in the company.

But since GM has been refusing to release the technology licence, it has blamed strategic factors – not willing to pass its sensitive technology to the Chinese and then later it said it will not release it to any other buyer.

With the US trying to reconsolidate its industries and manufacturing sector, it remains to be seen if the government would be willing to open up by releasing the technology. After all the IM Metal’s letter did not say that Saab will not be bought by the Chinese.
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