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Swedish railway company, SJ says it was a victim of cyber attack

Thursday, 19 September 2013
SJ, the Swedish railway monopoly said it suffered from the effects of a cyber-attack yesterday and up until today it is still hard for customers to book tickets.

"I can not answer to the question as to what the type of attack is, or who has been  exposed it, says Elina Ili-Torvi, from the SJ's press service to radio Sweden.SJ

Therefore, it is impossible to pick up tickets in stores, on the internet or mobile site, and it is not possible to book some tickets at all, reports radio Sweden

Those who have already booked tickets are welcome on board as usual and tickets can also be bought on board the trains.
"We have no prediction as to when the problem will be resolved, but we are working intensively and want to inform our customers," said Elina Ili-Torvi.
In addition, Kavlinge Municipality and Region Skåne commune was reported to have been subjected to what is being described as a cyber attack in which on Tuesday the rail company, Skånetrafiken suffered a collapse of its system due to the network being overloaded. That means the site received lots of traffic within a very short time and collapsed.
Report did not give any advice to potential travellers but we tested the site by 9:50 am it was down.
by scancomark.com Team

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