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Swedish prosecutor says they want to talk to Victor Muller but He has no idea about that

Thursday, 23 May 2013
Former chairman and CEO of Saab automobile Victor Muller is said to be among those the Swedish tax prosecutors want to speak to but it emerged that he has not been contacted by the authorities.

This is what Mr. Muller told the Trollhättan paper,   TTELA  in a text massage, various Swedish media sources report. Statement also confirmed by radio Sweden.

The Swedish Chief prosecutor, Olof Sahlgren plans to interrogate Muller, according to information that was made public yesterday. But surprisingly, Mr Muller has not yet been contacted by the Swedish authorities, Mr Muller writes in sms to TTELA.

"I have not been informed about any thing like that except from media reports." He also writes that the matter between him and the Swedish Tax Authority, whether the amount of money he received from Saab be it consultant fee or not, has nothing to do with a court settlement.

"The arrangement was discussed with the Tax authority at the time and approved by the National Debt Office, "writes Muller.

As concerns why he had this type of contract in place instead of a "regular" salary, Muller told radio Sweden: "I can not make further statements at this time," he wrote in response.
He writes in the statement to radio Sweden that  former CEO, Jan-Ake Jonsson and legal expert, Kristina Geers arrests: "The most disturbing thing is that no decision has been taken by the Court yet and still they are still requested to be prosecutor."
Three former Saab top management official stall face charges of tax evasion.
By Scancomark.com Team

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