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Swedish game, Minecraft reports sales record of $20 million in a week

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
In less than a week, the Swedish "indie" game Minecraft hit a new record after being released in a special version of Microsoft's Xbox game console.

On May 9th the Swedish computer game, Minecraft, released a version specially adapted for the Xbox and after five days, Microsoft sent out a press release about the game, which reported sales of approximately $20 U.S. where more than a million "copies" was sold. The game has therefore stroke all previous sales figures on the platform.

Till date, almost six million accounts for the game were sold online and generated about $800 million. Total sales are now approaching one billion, therefore the level.

“It's crazy, more than crazy, wrote the game creator and company, Mojangs, founder Markus Persson on Twitter about the record. Fun, stimulating and scary.”

Minecraft, first revealed back in May of 2009 is now firmly become a cultural phenomenon. According to Minecraft Forums information, the game now has 28 million registered users and almost 6 million purchases copies. Minecraft Pocket Edition now has over a million sales and the Xbox 360 version of the title broke all kinds of records when it launched last week.

Notch, the creator of Minecraft, has become a worldwide celebrity. His studio, Mojang, is well respected around the world and has the potential to become the next Valve reports website, webpro news/gaming.
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