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Rumour:  Swedish TV Channel, TV4 to scrap its TV4 News program

Wednesday, 15 May 2013
There is rumour circulating in the Swedish media rumoursphere that the television station TV4, will be shelving its new 24 hour news channel.

Over a year ago, TV4 started the new news channel and it was expected that within three years it would have become profitable. However, according to sources, the company is to decide tomorrow to make a decision to discontinue the project. The driver is that it has reported more losses within a year that had anticipated.
The rumours has been circulating in the past but this time it has become clear that the news channel will go down according to various Swedish media sources.

The channel was launched in January 2012 as a way to report live on current news events, but has struggled to attract enough viewers.

On Monday TV4's political reporter, Ulf Kristoffersson  said to the National Press Club in Stockholm that the channel was going to be scrapped. According the news site  Résumé,  the rumour has now become a reality. The board will decide on that in a meeting tomorrow.
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