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Slow recovery for Swedish engineering section

Thursday, 12 September 2013
The business activity in the Swedish engineering industry reflects a modest recovery during the third quarter 2013. New orders continue to grow, but at a slightly slower pace, according to Teknikföretagen's Business Activity Survey.

Capacity of utilisation picks up marginally whereas the share of respondents with an order book above normal is lower. On the other hand, the shortage of skilled employees is slightly higher, Teknikföretagen writes in a press release.

The inflow of new export orders continues to grow during the third quarter of 2013 in the Swedish engineering industry. However, the net balance of export orders came in at +22, a number slightly lower than the +24 in the second quarter of 2013. Also, demand from the domestic market is not as strong as during the previous quarter. The net balance of new domestic orders was +8 compared to +14 in the second quarter.

The share of respondents with full utilisation of capacity has risen fractionally or by a percentage point to 30 percent. In an historical perspective, this level of utilisation is still below average. The utilization increased most in the motorcar industry and for suppliers to that sector, whereas it fell considerably in electrical engineering.

Our overall business cycle index for the Swedish engineering industry, compiled from order stocks, utilisation of capacity and shortage of labour, improves again and for the third consecutive quarter. The index indicates a higher level of production during the present quarter and in the months to come.

Teknikföretagen's economic barometer is carried out among 503 member companies, which together account for half of total exports, is a reading that describes an industry that is very prudent and thoughtful.
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