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Securita's skeleton in the cupboard exposed - Company branch in Montenegro reveals dirty business

Thursday, 26 September 2013
The Swedish business magazine, business week, or Veckans Affärer is reporting on something that could tend to be disastrous to Swedish security company, Securitas.
The tale goes that, three years ago, Swedish security giant, Securitas bought a company known as Guardian Security. The magazine says information suggest that one of the company's managers in Montenegro used his position to pursue illegal side activities that can lead to many years of imprisonment.

Shortly after the Stockholm Stock Exchange closed on Tuesday 10 August 2010 Securitas sent out a press release in which they briefly explained that Securitas has acquired 75 percent of the shares in the security company, Guardian Security in Montenegro, the magazine writes.
Swedish security giant, Securitas bought a company known as Guardian Security.Swedish security giant, Securitas bought a company known as Guardian Security / Granscole
Further, it said in the press release that the company has about 600 employees, mostly security guards. The majority of its sales, which amounts to about Skr40 million, comes from the surveillance activities and the company has a stable contract portfolio of customers in the mining, construction and financial services sectors.

The press release rounded up by noting that through the acquisition, Securitas will become the market leader in Montenegro. There was no introduction of the people who founded and operates Guardian Security and no names were given.

Then came silence from Securitas - no more information was provided about the purchase, not even in the company's annual report from 2010.

Now the Swedish business magazine, Veckans Affärer (VA) has examined the activities of the company in Montenegro and found incriminating revelation.

A series of independent whistleblowers claim according to the magazine that Securitas chief executive in Montenegro, Darko Perovic, is conducting an active, illegal side business that can bring big fines and land him up to eight years in prison.

In 2003  Darko Perovic went on a business trip to Colombia. On the trip was one in Montenegro notorious gangster - Vinetu Strugar, a high-ranking police source in Montenegro told the Magazine, it claims.

Vinetu Strugar's henchmen are professional criminals in the Balkans, and the engage in when liabilities are being recovered or swept out of the way. Several people who speak with VA warns that the affiliation with Vinetu Strugar, is portrayed as dangerous and will stop at nothing.

After the Colombia trip, when Darko Perovic returns to his hometown of Niksic, he opens a bar. Additionally, he decides to join his cousin Goran who works at a prison, to start watchdog and security Guardian Security.

And now it all falls into place very quickly. Guardian Security in a short time obtained all the necessary permits required to conduct its business. Alongside the mission to process voters to vote for the ruling party DPS and the reward for that work came Guardian Security got a large, profitable commission, the report holds.

"We have appointed an independent inquiry"  Securitas takes very seriously Publisher information. Now the company has appointed an independent commission to review whether crimes have been committed.

Securitas is said to have been aware of the information presented in the Managzine, for it is public knowledge that Securitas country manager in Montenegro, Darko Perovic , has an active involvement with criminals, and that he is engaged in secondary activities, alongside his role at Securitas, such as illegal usury - crimes that can provide up to eight years in prison.

Securitas CEO Alf Göransson  and Darko Perovic have been called to comment on the allegation but according to VA,  none of them want to be interviewed, but the company's communications director, Gisela Lindstrand  leave a written comment ----"Securitas takes very seriously the allegations presented by VA and has appointed an independent commission to investigate the allegation, which is new to us," she writes.

The statement continues that Securitas will call in the police if it turns out that any form of criminal action was involved with their manager in Montenegro.

"The extensive investigation Securitas conducted before the acquisition of Guardian Security company revealed no evidence of the kind now being made."
"Following the acquisition in 2010, Securitas in Montenegro worked to implement Group policies, procedures and frameworks, our processes and procedures of internal control and risk management and the Group's code of ethics and whistle-blower system. Our experience is that it requires special care and knowledge to transform business culture and routines of acquired companies in this region, and we devote a lot of time and effort to implement Securitas regulations and monitor compliance."
by Scancomark.com Team

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