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Saab CEO’s phone tapped amidst intense competition for the sale of jet figters

Friday, 25 May 2012
Defence group Saab’s CEO Håkan Buskhe was guarded  and his phone tapped in connection with the Saab Gripen deal with Switzerland. Mr. Buskhe told the Swedish newspaper,  Svenska Dagbladet in an interview adding that
"I had very much attention and know that my cell phone at various times had been bugged. Text messages had also been sent from my mobile, both in Swedish and in English at different times and for different contacts. "

He also says that he has been guarded in one way or another. "I have not suffering from madness. That's how it has worked. "
He would not speculate on who might be behind the "courtship" and leaks to the Swiss press in November of last year which also included Switzerland’s preliminary decision to purchase 22 Gripen fighter jets from Saab.

But no contract has yet been signed and there are competitors who are working on Switzerland to change its mind.

In late February, for example the French Dassault, a competitor made a new bid to the Swiss authorities so as to force it to pull the business from Saab. This also followed news reports from the French press that leaked test report from 2008 showed that the Swedish jet fighter, the Gripen’s performance could not stand its own against its competitors. Leaks around the Gripen's performance to Swiss newspapers have continued since.
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