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SEB boss, Annika Falkengren

SEB reports better than expected quarterly report

Monday, 15 July 2013
SEB reports an operating profit of Skr4.8 billion in the second quarter. That compares with an expected Skr4.0 billion.
Total revenues amounted to Skr10.648 million against Skr9,916 similar period last year. Expectation was Skr9,955 million.

SEB's net interest income was Skr4.677 million in the second quarter, up 3 percent compared with the same quarter last year and 5 percent better than the reported level of the previous quarter.
The customer-driven net interest income increased 4 percent compared with the second quarter of 2012.

“SEB’s second quarter result is a testimony to the investments we have made over the past years in our franchise and broader customer base”, says Annika Falkengren, SEB’s President and CEO, commenting on the second quarter.
“This quarter we saw a cautiously more positive business sentiment among our customers with activity levels picking up. SEB has continued to attract customers in all markets,” she continues.

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Scancomark.com Team

Second quarter 2013– SEK 4.8bn operating profit

(compared to the second quarter 2012)

First half year 2013 – SEK 8.5bn operating profit

(compared to the first half year 2012)

  • Operating profit up 23 per cent to SEK4.8bn (3.9).
  • Operating income SEK 10.6bn (9.9). Operating expenses SEK5.6bn (5.8).
  • Net interest income SEK 4.7bn (4.5), net fee and commission income
  • SEK3.8bn (3.4) and net financial income SEK1.1bn (1.1).
  •  Net credit provisions SEK0.3bn (0.3) and a credit loss level of 0.09 per cent (0.08).
  • Net profit SEK3.8bn (3.0).
  • Return on equity 14.0 per cent (11.5) and earnings per share SEK1.73 (1.35).

  • Operating profit up 13 per cent to SEK 8.5bn (7.5).
  • Operating income SEK 20.2bn (19.5). Operating expenses SEK11.2bn (11.5).
  • Net interest income SEK 9.1bn (8.7), net fee and commission income SEK7.1bn (6.7) and net financial income SEK2.0bn (2.5).
  • Net credit provisions SEK0.5bn (0.5) and a credit loss level of 0.08 per cent (0.07).
  • Net profit SEK6.8bn (5.6).
  • Return on equity 12.5 per cent (10.8) and earnings per share SEK 3.10 (2.54).

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