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Michael O'Leary, Ryan Air boss sees the possible demise of SAS

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
SAS has emerged again on the tongue of Ryanair boss’s mouth and the same line to attach still maintained – tat SAS will not survive in the nearest future.

The trouble Scandinavian airlines continued to be a “spoilt child” of the Scandinavian government that keep on pumping money in the company but of which the company keeps on finding it hard to make returns.
According the controversial Ryainr boss, Michael O'Leary SAS is an airline in crisis and will not be one of the major European airlines that will survive.

Michael O'Leary was on a brief visit to Vasteras on Tuesday during a promotional tour to Europe.
According to Swedish media reports, the EU is threatening to put an end to the heavy discounts that the airline (Ryanair) may be getting from Vasteras airport.

To emphasize the point  O'Leary pointed that that there will be an expansion of accommodation until the dispute is resolved, but in other places, the company expects to grow rapidly. In five years he will have 150 million passengers and one of four large European airlines with Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways.

Prospects for SAS is bleak if we are to believe Michael O'Leary. "The company is clearly in crisis and it will require a thorough reorganization to reverse the trend, "he says according to Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri.
O'Leary also seizes the chance to announce at the same time that the idea of fee paying toilet on board is not dead.
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