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Resolution on the Sale of Saab automobile business can take longer

Thursday, 31 May 2012
Any agreement related to how to move foreword with bankrupt Saab Automobile is reported to be delayed, according to sources very close to the dealings.

The hottest speculator expected to take over the bankrupt company is a Sino-Japanese consortium which is reported to be behind the electric car company, the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, Nevs.
It is reported that this consortium is one of the reason why Youngman decided to throw in the towel and quit.

A source which is very close to the process told the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri that “there are some uncertainties still to clarify. This makes it likely that the process will take more time before a deal can be signed.”

Nevs, which has Chinese and Japanese majority ownership, is willing to pay Skr1.8 billion, according to the reports. It is alleged that Nevs plan to manufacture electric cars on the new 9-3 platfom. At a later stage, there are plans to produce a 9-3 with conventional operation, when   the platform Phoenix is completed. There, is also the Indian Mahindra as potential partners to Nevs, according to reports.

Victor Muller arrived on Wednesday to Gothenburg for negotiations with the administrators and there could have been some moves made on the agreement about 9-3.

On Wednesday reports came that Youngman was returning to the pot of Saab, which, unlike Nevs also seeking to bid for Saab spare Parts Company.
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