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Questions about Skavsta airport’s location? Is it in Stockholm?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012
With 100 kilometres to central Stockholm, one could ask if the name Stockholm Skavsta Airport is among the most deceptive in Europe? The answer is Yes, argues a flight comparison site. But at the counter of the airport the answer is NO.

For experts, it depends on the fact of location feasibility which exploded with the emergence of the low cost air travel business. This has led to some authorities describing the location of some European airports ran by low cost carriers as misleading. Some passenger arriving at a location for their first time, find themselves too far away from the city.

The ten European airports with the most misleading name have been selected by the flight comparison site Skyscanner. On its list's fifth largest ports Swedish Stockholm Skavsta, with 100 kilometers to the capital. Misleading or not? The issue was passed to the airport's managing director, Dot Gade Kulovuori who just laughed.

“For an airport to appear on the map when someone searches for travel to Stockholm, it must have Stockholm suffix STO. Around the world, we can not assume that everyone knows where Nyköping is,” she says.

Same thing with Västerås. When a traveller from aboard wants to traveller to Vasteras, he’ll search for  Stockholm first for that destination to appear therefore name change to Stockholm-Vasteras - STO.

Since the emergence of the so called low cost air transport, the deceptive airport titles have become the way of life. In order for these airliners to make money, they have chosen to develop airports out of the main cities – far away so that the cost of running the could be very cheap. This translate to perceived lower fares for passengers who still end up forking more on additional long distant transport to their city destinations.
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