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Persistent fall in Swedish newspapers circulation

22 February 2013
Swedish newspapers are no longer selling as before as Swedes become less interested in buying a newspaper. Thus for years, the Swedish print newspaper editions have seen reduction in their circulation as more people choose to get their news from the Internet.

The trend strengthened last year where newspaper editions combined decreased by 4.6 percent, according data
from the organisation that count and record print newspapers and circulation, Tidningsstatistiks (TS).

The tabloid paper, Expressen, which also included the regional tabloid GT, and the Evening Post has the largest circulation of 228,000 copies per issue date, 34,300 copies less than 2011.

For the other big hitters in the Swedish media sector, Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyeter and the business daily, Dagens Industri had withdrawn from providing data to TS about their circulation.

However, the group of magazines, Allers, despite a decline of 8,900, remain high on circulation with some 192,900 copies.
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