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Pang Da loses the top spot as Chinese leading auto distributor after spending much time pursuing fruitlessly, Saab automobile.

Thursday, 17 May 2012
Chinese company Pang Da which has been banging on taking over Swedish automobile company Saab, has lost the battle for Saab Automobile and also about Skr400 million that were paid for cars that never came.

Now they have also lost the top spot on the prestigious list to be China's largest car distributors.
According to Automotive News China, China Grand Automotive Services has emerged as the largest, with revenues of approximately SEK 78 billion. Pang Da, was big in 2009 and 2010, saw its takings reaching Skr67.5 billion.
It is not clear yet if their struggles to take Saab contributed to their demise but since indications show that the company had work tirelessly to get a foot hold of Saab and their efforts thwarted by GM, one could believe that the Saab saga might have contributed some what.
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