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Norwegian tipped to grow above SAS within 5 years in the Nordic air market

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Norwegian budget airliner, Norwegian has been tipped to become the biggest Nordic airliner, surpassing SAS with 5 years.
The airliner has made lots of in routes into places such as Denmark where there it is currently no strong national champion after the collapse of Sterling Lingus in 2008.

Since then the low cost revolution started and has pushed up Norwegian up to 450 percent in the Danish market, reports Danish sources that analyse the market.

Norwegian has also gone from being the fourth to the second largest airline in Denmark with more than three million seats available since the past year, according to a statement from the website Airline Network News and Analysis, anna.aero.
When Sterling went bankrupt in 2008, Norwegian triggered a competition war and had with lots of other aircrafts standing ready to grab the space created. That way they could cover a gap in the market that SAS had emerged as a dominant player. Now Norwegian is beginning to move into that gap, according to  Ole Kirchert Christensen, director of the Travel Broker, Nordic, which deals with activities related to the travel and aviation industry. Image >>>Anna.aero<<<

Norwegian's arrival on the aircraft market may well come to have an impact on who in the future may call itself the largest Nordic:
"There is no doubt that Norwegian over the next five years will overtake SAS overall because they have greater capacity. In the Danish market they will still be in second place, where SAS, after all, has a really good grip, but the difference would be less," says Ole Kirchert Christensen.

He is backed by Jacob Pedersen, senior analyst at Sydbank who posits that within 4 years, Norwegian can call itself leader in Scandinavian air routes. At home, that is in Denmark, he believes that within 5 years SAS will still be the greatest. One reason is that Norwegian planes are too large for domestic flights, which however is one of the places SAS should focus on.

"Therefore, Norwegian cannot grow tremendously much more in Denmark, but overall it will overtake SAS," he says.
According to the statement from Airline Network News and Analysis, Easyjet and Ryanair respectively are now third and fourth after SAS and Norwegian in Denmark.
Again, Ole Christensen Kirchert expect a change within the next five years, he predicts Ryanair to overtake Easy jet. The Danish airports are expected for the first time next year to have and surpass some 30 million passengers.

by Scancomark.com Team

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