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Norwegian airliner, Norwegian sees its future being thwarted by Boeing as the dream liner ushers in more problems than expected.  

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Boeing is making Norwegian low cost carrier loose market competitiveness as its newly delivered Dreamliner is finding it hard to take off from the ground.

Actually, a flight on Tuesday evening  should have been on its way to New York, but at Gardermoen airport in Oslo, 260 Norwegian passengers remained seated for several hours in the plane caused by technical problems.

Technical problems have become a common buzz word associated with the Americans aircraft manufacture, Boeing, since in started launching its dream liner expected to be the next generation market leader.

An evidence of that has been its effect on the Norwegian company, which has not been happy at all.
Norwegian Dreamliner
Again just like last week, this evening the airliner's new Boeing 787 aircraft was being grounded because of technical problems. That plane should have been on its was to New York in the early evening from Oslo, but it has so far been delayed five hours, writes the Norwegian newspaper VG on its website .

"There is a part that needs replacing. Boeing engineers are working full force for this to be fixed as soon as possible," says Norwegian's Chief Information Officer Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen VG.

The new problems are just the latest in a long series of what would have been the dream plane.
Last weekend Norwegian had to cancel two flights to New York and Bangkok and instead hire two new aircraft from the company HiFly to dispatch the already much delayed passengers.

Therefore, Norwegian is becoming impatience with Dreamliners manufacturer, Boeing and their relationship is now running very low.

"First and foremost, it is unfortunate for those travellers are affected by such long delays. However, it is clear that when many such long delays occur as there has been in recent days, it is not good enough," says Information Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen.

Even before the Dreamliner came in the route, there were big problems, and back in the spring, all the new Boeing 787 were grounded because of technical problems.

"You can expect a few technical problems when launching a completely new type of aircraft. But when we do not get what we pay for, we expect that Boeing takes its share of responsibility," says Sandaker-Nielsen VG.

By Scancomark.com Team

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