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Ikea founder, Kamprad rejects family Feud accusation

Sunday, 22 September 2013
It was reported recently that the founder and chairman of Ikea, Ingvar Kamprad and his three sons had been at logger head after it emerged that Komprad had a deal in which he would continue to earn big from the Ikea brand name. He had not disclosed this to his sons who now control the company. When it was realised it the sons ganged against their father in a legal dispute.
Now the founder has reacted to the accusation, by accepting that it was distressing to read such accusations but rejects the feuding with his sons.

Ingvar Kamprad

The new book,'Ikea Moving to the Future' had written about internal family frictions within the Kamprad family,  and this is stressful to the family according to Göran Grosskopf, chairman of the board of directors for the Ikea group.

Initially, he had declined to comment on the 'allegations' porported in the book but has since afterwards added that the Kamprad family is "naturally extremely distressed and disappointed" over suggestions there is an internal power struggle.

"In all families there are conflicts of course but I do not know of any conflict which in any way affected the Ikea group," Grosskopf told the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri.

It emerged that week that Lennart Dahlgren, the former head of Ikea in Russia, and researchers, Stellan Björk and Karl von Schulzenheim, had written the book, claiming that Kamprad's sons hired Americans star lawyer to dispute a discovery that the father had a deal in which he earned billon from the Ikea brand name

Ingvar Kamprad who is now 87 years old created Ikea in 1943 and has become one of Sweden's largest retail giants in the world. He has been accused of all types of things from co-operating with the Nazi, using East German prisoners to build his furniture, tax planning, and tax dodging among others. Today his is considered one of the riches men on earth with an estimated fortune of €3.2 billion.   

Additional information emerging from the Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad, goes that he considered moving Ikea to the USA. The fear of the Soviet Union was an important driver for that consideration and also to add ownership trusts to the company, Bertil Torekull, author and Ingvar Kamprad's biographer reports Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri.
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