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Former Saab boss,  Jan Ake Jonsson forced leaves Vattenfall

Monday, 27 May 2013
Accused of tax fraud while CEO of Saab automobile, Jan-Ake Jonsson leaves Vattenfall's board, not on his own though, but pushed by the Minister for Financial Markets, Peter Norman  who confirmed its.
Former Saab CEO, Jan Ake Jonsson resigned with immediate effects from the Board of Vattenfall, reports Radio Sweden. One driver of this is apparently that Vattenfall is a state owned institution and since his case is against the government, it did not make sense for him continue to work as a board member for a state company.

Jonsson is one of three former Saab executives suspected of economic crimes related to taxes for the period 2010-2011. Last week, Jan Åke Jonsson was arrested, suspected of serious evasion of tax. In connection with his arrest, he was urged by the government to take a time out from his directorship at state-owned Vattenfall.

Now Jonsson has decided to leave Vattenfall at his own request, according to reports.
"I have decided to resign from Vattenfall's board with immediate effect. I believe that I am innocent of the suspicions against me, "he says to radio Sweden.

Although Jonsson chooses to resign, he refers to the government's call to take a break.
Victoria Ericsson, Press Secretary to the Treasury, wrote in a statement to radio Sweden that Jan Åke Jonsson is welcome back if the charges against him will be dropped.
"Given the situation, it is appropriate that he is resigning from the Board of Vattenfall," she writes.

The study on the crime that Jan Åke Jonsson is accused or suspected to have committed may continue throughout this year, according to the chief prosecutor Olof Sahlgren to Swedish daily, Göteborgs-Posten.

Jan-Ake Jonsson started working at Saab in the mid-1970s. He became CEO in 2005 and led the company during the turbulence times when the owner General Motors decided to close down operations in December 2009. Jonsson remained as president when Spyker bought the company in early 2010.

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