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Former CEO of Saab automobile, Muller, to be interrogated by Swedish prosecutors

Wednesday, 22 May 2013
The former majority owner and CEO of Saab Automobile, Victor Muller, will be questioned and likely be accused or indicted for economic crimes.

After various top management officials of the defunct Saab automobile were arrested and charged with financial impropriety, the expectation has been that Muller could be the next to follow. The Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri has reported that Mr. Muller has now been invited for some questioning by the Swedish legal authority.
The charges to be meted against the former top managers of the Swedish luxury motor brand which went bankrupt is entirely linked to the consulting fees paid to Muller, wile he was the head of the company,  according to the chief prosecutor, Olof Sahlgren, reports the paper.
The issue surrounding Saab Automobile’s tax will likely grow. According to Olof Sahlgren, several people in addition to the previously charged top executives who were arrested on Monday will continue. This is why former chairman and major owner Victor Muller has now been invited into the fold.
"Victor Muller will obviously be heard and there is every reason to believe he will be served with accusation or suspicion of a crime, "says Olof Sahlgren to Dagens Industri.
When asked why Muller had not already been arrested last Monday, when the three other bosses were arrested, Olof Sahlgren responded that  "We can not just stray into Holland and other European countries, and pick up  someone. It takes time. And sometimes we chose also to do things in a certain ways so as to preserve evidence."
Mr Muller  said on Wednesday afternoon after being contacted by Swedish media sources that: "No comments".
According to previously held  information the criminal suspicions on other accused officials is entirely linked to the consulting fees paid to Victor Muller. This information is confirmed by Olof Sahlgren.
The Economic crime bureau of Sweden says it is concerned about some 690,000 euros paid to Victor Muller’s Company based in Latin American Netherlands Antilles, Tug Holding.
The offences have to do with money paid to Victor Muller in the form of consulting fees instead of a salary, which meant that Muller escaped tax in Sweden.
"It's about how this has been dealt with in the accounting system, "says Olof Sahlgren.
The allegations against Jan Ake Jonsson and Kristina Geers relates to their role as board members, as it is their responsibility that the accounting is done correctly.
Olof Sahlgren's hope now is that Victor Muller will be questioned as soon as possible.
By Scancomark.com Team

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